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Brian Epro

Vice President, Automotive
Founded in 2011, Jornaya provides real-time lead intelligence and compliance monitoring to leading Banking, Mortgage and Insurance companies and is now witness to over 200 million consumer journey events every month. These companies are using Jornaya’s services to better monitor and understand how to engage with their leads and how to focus on the best leads from their providers, resulting in more closed business and higher customer satisfaction. In 2017, Jornaya launched its Automotive division and is now engaged with OEMs, large dealer groups, lead providers and service providers as it provides the same benefits to the Auto industry. Jornaya brings critical, real-time and actionable intelligence to any organization to further their goals of working with higher quality leads, creating a more engaged sales force, and gaining a far deeper understanding of the online journey taken by consumers who are considering their brand. All of this will result in higher sales, a more efficient marketing spend, and access to unprecedented behavioral data.