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El Dorado Hills CA
John Lewis is the founder and CEO of  Intellaegis. Their SaaS platform for debt collection, masterQueue®, is a collection, compliance, skip tracing and recovery management platform that uses AI and workflow automation to improve high-risk debt collection efforts by some of the largest lenders and vendors in auto finance.
John started his career in auto finance as a repossessor for Chrysler Credit in 1982.  In 1988, he started one of the first skip tracing companies in the US, Skipbusters. Then he founded several repossession companies in Southern and Northern California, and ultimately American Recovery Service (ARS), the first repossession forwarding company, in 1994.  Today, skip-tracing and forwarding in auto finance are billion-dollar industries and a main component of every major lender's skip and repo strategies.
After selling these companies in 1999, John came back to build masterQueue in 2007, starting first by building FindJohnDoe to help develop and test masterQueue, and then RepoRoute, to help repossessors be more efficient in the field, and lenders to create more effective repo assignments using AI. After selling FindJohnDoe to Location Services and RepoRoute to Steve Schroeder, founder of CoreLogic (CLGX), John’s focus is now 100% on continuing to develop masterQueue into the dominant platform for contact management and analytics in high risk debt collection across multiple verticals including and beyond auto finance.
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